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Swap between 300+ crypto currencies right from the discord without KYC and craps!






Tired of going to instant swap sites while cheating on discord? [our love]
Well , worry no more! SwapCC is here to take care of your swaps without having you to leave discord!

You can now conveniently swap among 300+ crypto assets without any maximum limit in realtime rates right from discord

SwapCC will be your new buddy for daily crypto tradings!


  • *help
    Shows this help message
  • *exchange
    Initiates an exchange between requested currencies and guides you step by step
    *exchange from-currency-symbol to-currency symbol
    *exchange btc eth
  • *check
    Checks the status of an exchange It has 5 States : WAITING, CONFIRMING, EXCHANGING, SENDING and FINISHED
    *check Exchange-ID
    *check qxQcuXsyOkK
  • *estimate
    Get an estimated amount for exchange pair. Also can be used to convert price for crypto vs crypto
    *estimate from-currency-symbol from-currency-symbol
    *estimate btc eth
  • *info
    Shows price and available market data for requested currency
    *info currency-symbol
    *info btc
  • *convert
    Convert the price of specified amount of crypto to fiat currencies
    *cnnvert amount currency-symbol
    *convert 0.001 btc

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