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So BumiBeats is only playing the audio of songs on Discord mobile and the web browser version for me at least please if it is working for you dm me on discord but since it's not working for me on the Discord client I'm going to guess it's not working for you so I'm trying to fix it but I don't know why it's only not working for the client version but please be patient. If BumiBeats is working for you please tell me. Bumi#0907


BumiBeats is a music bot. He has 3 commands, "!bb play (what you want to play)", "!bb skip", and "!bb stop". "!bb play (what you want to play)" searches up on youtube what you type and play the audio of the first video and also while a song is playing and you do the "!bb play" command it adds that song to the queue and every server has a different queue key so don't be worried about having people on a different server messing with your music. So once you play a song you can do the same command but with a different song and then it will be added to the queue. "!bb skip" is exactly what you think it is, it skips the song your are currently listening to. “!bb stop” is also exactly what you think it is, it stops the song that is playing and deletes the queue. Also, the “!bb stop” command makes BumiBeats leave the voice channel. At the end of a song, BumiBeats will look if there is another song in the queue and if there isn’t BumiBeats will just leave the voice channel. Those are all of BumiBeats commands and what they do. Thank you for reading.

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