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A Bot that simulates the stock market with a REAL price for stocks (and bitcoin) but a FAKE currency, So you can invest without consiquences



Lunar Commands: Moderation commands: Ban, Kick, Alt, scammer, Slomo Purge Utility: Pheist, Pgaw, Loan, Clear, Invite, Support, Rules, Snipe, Giveaway, Timer. Fun: Credits, Joke, Joined, shoot, Russia, Ping Currency: Shop, Beg, Slots, Bet, Buy, Give, Withdraw, Deposit, Vouches. Stock: Stocks, Shares, Buystock & Sellstock, suggeststock, resetstock. Bitcoin: Bitcoin, Sellcoin & Buycoin. Yes these are the REAL prices. It has many commands to learn about the stock market, and crypto currency

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