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Undertale Bot is a fun little Undertale based bot thats used for minigames and exploring what undertale can be like!







what is undertale bot? Undertale bot is a Undertale based bot where you can fight monster, bosses, and level up!

Is it a direct copy? No it is not a direct copy, ive added some cool features and im working on making it an engaging game thats fun for everyone to use

How does it save? It saves in a Mongo online database as of now, the database will expand as players expand

How many commands are there? 15+ currently working commands, alot more coming soon with suggestions from users

USER start, reset, menu

GAME shop, shops, travel, buy

MONSTERS data, bdata

BOT info, uptime, ping, permissions

FIGHTS fight, boss_fight

Get undertale bot today for some Server RPG fun!

Needed Permissions Manage Messages * optional Read Message History Use External Emojis Send Messages Attach Files Add Reactions Change Nickname View Channels Connect Speak

Get Undertale bot today!

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