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Typhoon Bot

Typhoon Bot is a bot meant for Typhoon server but has other things It responds to random words it also has plenty of other cmnds






Thank you guys!!!

Thank you everyone for the love of Typhoon Bot. It really means a lot to me and just know that I am extremely happy. As always please do .Suggestions and DM me if you have any suggestions for the bot whatsoever. Or leave it on the top.gg page. Thank you all so much and have a great day.


Responds to random words to help convos get spiced up a little bit. It also has interactive commands like .brainrate or the abbreviation of that like .br You can do .commands as well to see all of the commands of Typhoon bot and see experiment with it! .br .gr .cl .r .pgr If you have more suggestions for these dm me Also, it responds to a lot of commonly used words so expect that.

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