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SoldOut Embed Bot

This simple discord Bot lets you create your own embeds to use on your server!


You can send embeds used to show users your roles, make your own reaction roles (reaction roles will be added in the feature but aren't available jet!) or to just send some nice looking costum embeds! Simple use one of the only two easy commands to send an embed:

">sendembed [#text channel name to send*] [JSON Code]"

or edit an already send one by using:

">editembed [#text channel name*] [message id] [new JSON Code]"

*Channel has to be tagged f.e. if ur channel is named "test" do #test

You can get your JSON code by using one of the many generators for that. I would recommend you using "" 'cause it's easy to use and works fine with my bot. Just copy paste the code the generator gives you into the command and you're ready to go. NOTICE! When using empty fields can't just leave them blank but have to write "\u200b" in the name / value field. Thanks for using my Bot!

Something 'bout myself

Something short to me: I'm a 15 y/o German student, so my English isn't the best... :D And i try coding some discord bots in my free time.


The Bot is running on a raspberrypi that restarts every day 6.30 pm MEZ! So in this time it's not available for about 2mins or so!

Test Embed

Try this to test if the bot is working.

[prefix]sendembed [#channel name] { "title": "TEST EMBED", "description": "test embed description", "color": 53380, "footer": { "text": "footer text" }, "fields": [ { "name": "field 1 name", "value": "field 1 value", "inline": true }, { "name": "field 2 name", "value": "field 2 value", "inline": true } ] }

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