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A multi-purpose bot, includes Moderation, Currency, Fun, Emojis and much more.



This bot's major usage lies upon currency, at least the owner believes. The currency includes gambling, working, stock-exchange, user badges, ad buying-selling that are upcoming and much more. There will be a lot more coming in the future, with the purpose of the currency system is to grant you knowledge of how you can make money (CAPITALISM), excluding working since it covers a lot of areas, as the creator was unable to make it. The moderation includes warn, mute, unmute, ban, unban and kick. Most of them will be written in each member's logs, check people's infractions using "CAPlogs". It also brings a lot of EMOJIS, to help people that don't have nitro to express themselves using emojis. If you join the support server, you will be receiving a BETA tester role and a BETA tester badge! (This will end in June) Have fun with this bot!

maintenance mainly 24/7.

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