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Your multi-purposed coffee-bean-themed bot! With general, fun, pet-related, school-related commands and more! (Currency system in progress!)



Play a game, use the magic 8-ball, learn some trivia facts, or get into very interesting situations!

  • Cawfee was for a small server so please go easy on him
  • This bot is mainly for fun!
  • Command categories are: Fun, Daily Life, Pet-Related, Bot-Related, School-Related, and Server-Related (our private server), and soon to be Currency!
  • Link to website: None
  • Donation links: None :')
  • Vote rewards: None (hopefully we will have rewards in the near future)

Want to have fun? Use any of the commands! For example,

  • whac-a-mole
  • fact
  • go-outside
  • 8ball
  • say command
  • rate
  • fact
  • roll (a dice)
  • and many more!

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