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Simple News

A news bot that works as a Search engine for news from all over the world within seconds. This bot provides news in Multiple languages!






📰Simple News

The Best 📰NEWS bot on discord

❓What is Simple News?

  • 📰Simple News is the most popular and one of the only News bots on discord that provides news on a single command.
  • ⛅Along with news , Simple News also provides weather updates!

📄Features -

  • 📰 Get News from all over the web with just 1 command ◽ All news will be send 7 days from the current date ◽ News in multiple languages like Hindi , French , Japanese , Arabic etc.

  • 🌤️ Get weather from any Country or State you want! ◽No old outdated weather

  • 💭 Add suggestions send directly to the bot developer to help improve and contribute +suggest <suggestion> for suggestion


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