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Tangkai V2

A BOT That Can do Music Commands,Economy Commands,Funny Commands, And Moderation Commands!



💵Economy Commands💵 1.T!bal (Balance) 2.T!work (Work To Earn Money) 3.T!beg (Beg To Earn Money) 4.T!deposit (Deposit To The Bank!) 5.T!withdraw (Withdraw To The Bank!) 6.T!shop (The Shop!) 7.T!profile (User Profile) 8.T!buy (Buy Something From The Shop) 9.T!fish (Go Fishing!) 10.T!search (Search For Money!) 11.T!laundry (Do Laundry For Money!)

😂Funny Commands😂 1.T!iq 2.T!poop 3.T!avatar 4.T!invite 5.T!pp 6.T!hack 7.T!washdishes

🚫Moderation Commands🚫 1.T!ban (Ban Hammer A Person) 2.T!unban (Unban The Banned Person) 3.T!kick (You Can Rainbow Kick!) 4.T!clear (Clear Messages) 5.T!Nuke (Nuke The Channel) 6.T!lock (lock an channel) 7.T!unlock (unlock an channel)

🎧Music Commands🎧 1.T!play (Song Name) 2.T!stop (Stop Music) 3.T!skip (Skip Music) 4.T!queue (See Queue) 5.T!clearqueue (Clear Queue) 6.T!volume (Volume) 7.T!resume (Resume Music) 8.T!nowplaying (See Now Playing Musics) 9.T!loop

👑Leveling Commands👑 1.T!setrank - (set The Ranking Channel) 2.T!reset - (reset the Ranking Channel) 3.T!setrankmsg - (set The Ranking Message) 4.T!rank - (see the person Rank/Level)

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