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Define your server's economy! earn koens, purchase luxury, collect revenue & lead | Converse | Whisper | special exciting commands!


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YOO Major update

Coolass update soon, will be Off for a few mins<3 Holupp :)


k help & know it yourself

it's an economy bot with fun games, tasks, events, shops, memes and random shi!!

*Profile $ leagues~ With every task, flip, dive, giveaways, regardless of your earnings, you gain some xp, these xps add on to define your league!
*Earn~ beg on the street, complete tasks, transfer koens through servers via safe, dive in the sea, find some luxury or maybe lose some hehe, collect interests and top your server's leaderboard!
*Trade~ buy or sell the luxury from/to our amazing shop, add on to your basement & collect hourly revenue. Upgrade items to next levels & earn more, more revenue, GO FLEX. Maybe give koens to your friends or stea.. No, don't do that!
*Bonus hehe~1% chance for a rare event to pop in the chat everytime someone uses a command, finish first & claim tons of koens!!

*Whisper~Confess! Curse! Opinion? Nobody would know!
DM exclusive command to send an anonymous message to your desired text-channel and create CHAOS! HOT
*Misc~ the amazingly unrequired commands smh
*Converse!~ A concept of tons of predefined replies to turn simple texts into weird and hilarious conversations!
fun your way Gg
Compete to grab your spots on the leaderboards
see ya'll right there or ugh not:/

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