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Basic bot with basic commands such as ban, kick, play.






Note: If you find a bug please report it here at

List of commands

General: _help (displays this message) _info (gives info about Basik) _members (display's how many members are in the server)

Moderation: _clear (deletes the amount of messages stated) _kick (kicks the user mentioned with the stated reason) _ban (bans the user mentioned with the stated reason) _unban (unbans the mentioned user) _stats (sends user stats of the bot and the server) _announce

Fun: _say (make's the bot say whatever you want!) _stab (stabs the mentioned player!?!?) _image

Music: _play <song name/URL> (play's the requested song from YouTube) _stop (stop's the playing song) _skip (skip the song that is currently playing and play the next) _queue (coming soon!)

Test: _test (show's what user the bot is connected to and show's ping!) _ping (show's the ping of the bot and API) _uptime (show's the uptime of the bot)

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