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A discord bot for the fun of making discord bots :p


; (Customizable)

Anime Academy
Created for the fun of creating bots.
Join the Support Server to suggest any commands/features that we should add or if you find any bugs you can also tell us and we will figure it out.

🌸 Commands 🌸

Default prefix is ;
Change the prefix with ;prefix [yourprefix]

🧁 Info

Commands -Lists all commands
Help -Shows help menu
Info -Shows Information
Invite -Gives Invite Link
Ping -Shows bot's uptime
Whois -Gives Information on user

🍨 Commands

Afk -Set an afk status for yourself while you are away
Anime -Sends Random Anime
Scrapanime -Sends Anime Info
Avatar -Show user's avatar
Say -Bot repeats message

ğŸŽ§ Music

Clear-Queue -Clears all songs out of current queue
Filter -Enables and disables filters
Plive -Shows a list of livestreams you can play
Loop -Enable or disable the repeat function
Lyrics -See the lyrics of the song
Np -Get now playing
Pause -Pause the music
Play -Play a song from youtube
Queue -See the full song queue
Resume -Resume the music
Search -Searches for music
Shuffle -Shuffle the music queue
Skip -Skips the now playing song
Stop -Clears the music queue and disconnects
Volume -Turns up or down the volume

🍰 Emotions

Blush -Sends Blush Gif
Boop -Boops mentioned Person
Cry -Sends Crying Gif
Cuddle -Cuddles mentioned Person
Feed -Feeds mentioned Person
Hug -Hugs mentioned Person
Kiss -Kisses mentioned Person
Pat -Pats mentioned Person
Poke -Pokes mentioned Person
Slap -Slaps mentioned Person
Sleep -Sends Sleep Gif
Smug -Sends Smug Gif
Tickle -Tickles mentioned Person
Wink -Sends Wink Gif
Wob -Sends Love Gif

ğŸŽ‰ Giveaway

gcreate -Sends questions to start giveaway
gdelete -Deletes a giveaway
gedit -Edits a giveaway
gend -Ends a giveaway
glist -Lists all active giveaways
greroll -Rerolls giveaway winners
gstart -Starts giveaway ‎

🌟 Moderation

Prefix -Sets the prefix
Ban -Bans mentioned user
Unban -Unbans user
Kick -Kicks mentioned user
Purge -Delets messages in channel or from user

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