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A very easy to use bot that can be used to find information on roblox players, groups, and assets. All from Discord.






New Command: b!group

We have just created a new command, b!group. This command allows you to search for a ROBLOX group. The bot will then tell you everything you would want to know about the group, from it's owner to how many members!


Thanks for Choosing Bloxer!

We appreciate you choosing Bloxer! Bloxer is a multipurpose roblox bot. You can obtain ROBLOX information about a lot of things all from the confort of Discord! 

To invite Bloxer to your server, simply click the Invite button in the top right of the screen! Bloxer is updated frequently and will always be up to date.


What can Bloxer do?

  •       Retrieve information about ROBLOX users.
  •       Retrieve information about various ROBLOX games and groups.
  •       Run background checks on ROBLOX users.
  •       Many more fun commands!



Use b!help to see a list of commands once Bloxer is in your server. Or check below to see the list of commands, updated regularly. 

b!help - Shows all commands.

b!user - Get information about a ROBLOX user.

b!game - Searches for a specific game.

b!getlink - Gives a ROBLOX profile link from an ID.

b!audio - Searches for ROBLOX audio.

b!group - Searches for a ROBLOX group.

b!avatar - Gets a user's avatar from their name.

b!id - Get's a ROBLOX user's ID.

b!random - Generates a random profile link.

b!ping - See the bot's ping.

b!invite - Invite Bloxer to your server.



If you need support, feel free to join the support server.

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