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Quarantine Fish

A simple game where you collect food and avoid getting sick. Use -help to guide you through this bot.


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ReHab Update Release!!

Rehab Update I restarted the bot and made everything on a different platform, which resulted in an increase of speed(-start is still somewhat slow) Whats new? - Added skins rather than looking at :hamburger: and :cup_with_straw: - Added Server Score to track the total amount of days in each server, will need admin to create this - Added global Score to track the total amount of days of everything - Will soon put back coins and new events


Quarantine <Fish></Fish>

Quarantine Fish

Use -start and -rankcreate to play Quarantine Fish. Survive this modern virus and flex your days

Controls and Assets

- Food and Water are important, losing one of them can cost your life.

- Sick Rate = Death Rate. Recommend using collect when rates are low

- Ranks = Check out Scores like high score, server score, and even global score

- Skins = Wanna play in style? Check out skins in the shop(not in game yet)

- Server Ranks = Use -server if your admin in your server and want to check server total days.

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