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It's A Fun Music Bot🎵 Made By The Devs at GIZMOLAB! It's still in Beta and we will be adding some really cool stuff to it soon! ❤






Currently the bot only has basic commands: ^play ^stop ^skip ^queue ^help This Bot Plays songs from Youtube using the links or keywords provided by the user. If you wanna play a song enter the following command: ^play or ^play You can add as many songs as you want to the queue and also skip the ones you want using the skip command. Once all the songs in the queue are played the bot the will leave the voice channel and you'll have to use the play command again for it to join. You Need to be in a voice channel before using the commands so that the bot can join in and play your desired music. The bot has 24/7 Uptime and Support. Its Still In Beta! You can expect some amazing stuff in the coming months! SUPPORT SERVER:

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