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a bot for people who doesnt want swear/spam in their servers



Alpha-Bomb is moderation bot for people who wants family-friendly server and anti-spam

when someone writes a message that passes 675 words, It will count as spam and he have anti-swear thing that blocks most of swear and gives a warning to user

he can also auto-mute people If there is "Muted" role

Warning limits for mute role: mute for spam = 3 warning mute for swear = 5 warning

What you need for this bot?: Deleting message/reaction permissions, giving role permissions and a mute role named "Muted"

If you dont want your bot mute people when they swear, dont add muted role or dont give him permission to give roles.

Alpha-Bomb is also 7/24 online

You can get more info with using "+help" command of Alpha-Bomb!

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