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This bot can remind you with a custom message after a given time period. You can aswell remind other users.


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The discord verification is already in progress. If the Bot reaches 100 servers before the verification is completed, it will not be possible to add it to more servers until the verification is complete. Discord claims to verify bots within 5 business days.

Remindme Bot

This is the Remindme Bot for discord.

Key features:

  • remind yourself after a certain time period
  • remind other users after a certain time period

This bot is inspired by the reddit remindme bot and allows similar usage.

Some users cannot use the bot?

Make sure the user has the permission to perform slash-commands. This is a recently introduced discord permission, and can control the access to bot commands.


remindme <time> <message> reminds you after the given <time> period
remind <user> <time> <message> reminds another user after the given <time> period
reminder_list manage all your reminders for this server (interactive DM)
timezone <string> set the timezone of your server, used for end-of-day calculation, defaults

Time parsing

The time parser allows multiple formats for specifying the reminder period.

At the moment, different parameters cannot be combined.

	allowed absolutes are
		• eoy - remind at end of year
		• eom - remind at end of month
		• eow - remind at end of working week (Friday night)
		• eod - remind at end of day
	allowed intervals are
		• y(ears)
		• mo(nths)
		• w(eeks)
		• d(ays)
		• h(ours)
		• mi(ns)
	you can combine relative intervals like this
		1y 1mo 2 days -5h
	dates are supported aswell, you can try different formats
		• 5 jul, 5th july, july 5
		• 23 sept at 3pm or 23 sept at 15:00
		• 2050

	Note: the parser uses day first (1.2.2021 -> 1st January)
	      absolute days do respect the /timezone of the server

	the reminder can occur as much as 1 minute delayed


/remindme 1y Hello future me
/remindme 2years This is a long time
/remindme 2 h drink some water
/remindme eow Buy groceries
/remindme 5 mi Whatever
/remindme 2 aug 3pm Is it hot outside?

/remind @Use 1 mon What's up
/remind @User 24 dec Merry Christmas
/remind @User eoy Happy new year


The correct plural of the time interval does not matter /remindme 1 weeks Hey is just as valid as /remindme 2 week Ho


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