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This bot gives information about characters on the dream SMP storyline and more!



This bot will give lots of information about the dream SMP and its members. This bot will tell the storyline of (almost) all the members! The bot gets updated every week (if needed or updated storyline). This discord bot was coded with python and is hosted on replit. All the command are +The_smp, +Whole_smp, +Dream, +Georgenotfound, +Callahan, +Sapnap, +Awesamdude, +ItsAlyssa, +Ponk, +BadBoyHalo, +Tommyinnit, +Tubbo, +Fundy, +Punz, +WilburSoot, +Jschlatt, +Eret, +Nihachu, +Quackity, +Karl_jacobs, +Technoblade, +version, +Info, and +Credits.

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