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Economy, robbing, virtual stock market, fighting, space exploration, and more all in one simple bot package!






Written in over 2k lines of Python3 using, this bot is a small project of mine of further learning all the api has to offer.

This bot includes a full, virtualize stock market impacted by ai generated news and how people are buying / selling in your server, full space exploration including travel to 3 planets, along with expeditions to go on for each, exploring news areas and bringing in loads of money with each trip.

The core of this game is to make the most amount of money and be the highest on the leaderboard, and it has a method of making money for almost every person. You can analyze the stock market, send rockets to space, or play short minigames whilst in queue for a game. Oh, and it also saves your progress across servers!

Create these channels for the following features:

money-man-news --> automatic news about the stock market

stock-prices --> automatic channel with the latest stock prices

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