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Age of Empires 2 Bot: Taunts in voice channels, 1v1 Unit Fights, Unit, Civilization and Technology information, Build Orders and more !






Master Wololo

A cool bot for Age of Empires 2 fans. Have Fun listening to the Age of Empires 2: DE taunts with your friends. Learn any Civ's, Unit's and Tech's information. Improve your ability with build orders and much more.

Detailed Description

  • Listen to taunts in your voice channels
  • Watch 1v1 fights between units (under development)
  • Show any civilization's information, including its unique unit, unique technologies, civ bonuses and team bonus
  • Show all information about a unit, including its counters
  • Show all information about a technology


All commands start with mw

  • civilizations: civ
  • help: help
  • strategy: bo
  • taunts: taunt tauntt taunta
  • technologies: tech techcost
  • units: unit counter fight unitcost

Developer comments

  • Send mw fight paladin halberdier to test the fight command. More fights are continuously being added. Join our Support Server to see which fights are available.
  • Send mw bo archer rush for the Archer Rush Build Order. Send mw lbo to see all available build orders. More Build Orders are continuously being added.

Join our Support Server for news, bug reports, suggestions and more !

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