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A bot that selects a random debate motion for you. I am inclined to add more debate functionality to the bot if other's find it useful.




Rohan Nair

Rohan Nair

It selects a random motion with the command #getmotion. I will be adding more commands to the bot. The bot is made by me(Rohan Nair), anyone wishing to improve the bot please make a pull request on GitHub, I will review it ASAP. I'm planning to add a timekeeping function to the bot right now and I will update the description if that is available. If you have any feedback about the bot please reach me through the botsupport server. If this gets a lot of users I will be adding a lot of other functionality to this. The Discord 300 character minimum is kinda dumb because my bot doesn't have that many functions currently and I don't need to write that much.

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