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THX Bot is a generous bot that rewards message authors with pooled crypto assets for every received emoji reaction.



THX Discord Bot


The THX Bot can be used to reward message authors with ERC20 tokens from a pool by reacting with certain emojies on their contributions in a channel.


This is the list of commands that you can use to interact with THX Bot.

Return the list of commands.

This command return a pong.

>settings adminrole <@discord_id>
Elevates the bot permissions for another user of your guild.

>setup guild
Prompts for THX App client_id and client_secret.

>setup assetpool
Prompts for THX Asset Pool contract address.

>emoji add
Prompts for emoji and reward amount.

>wallet create <email> <password>
Creates a temporary wallet address for your to use in Discord.

>wallet update <address>
Links an existing wallet address to your user.

>wallet info
Shows the linked wallet address and ERC20 token balance.

>wallet login <email>
Sends a one-time login link to the e-mail address (valid for 10 minutes).


1. Signup for a THX account

Signup is free while we are in beta so let's give it a try!

2. Create an Application & ERC20 pool

The application is used to authorize with our API. You can create your own ERC20 token with a limited or unlimited supply and deploy it in a fresh asset pool. Deploying your smart contract can take up to ~20 seconds.

Make sure to edit you asset pool after deployment and disable the governance setting. This feature is currently not supported by the THX Bot.

3. Invite THX Bot to your guild

By clicking this link you will be asked which guild the THX Bot should join.

Setup THX Bot (only admin)

1. Authorize your guild

>setup guild

1. What is your Client ID?
2. What is your Client Secret?

2. Connect your pool to a channel

>setup assetpool

1. What is your Asset Pool contract address?

3. Create emoji rewards

>emoji add

1. What emoji you want to use?
2. Please specify your reward size?

Link THX Wallet (all guild users)

1. Create a new THX wallet

A THX account will be created for e-mail and password you provide. Your temporary private key will be encrypted with the password you provide.

>wallet create [email protected] $secret123

2. Link an existing THX wallet

This wallet address will be linked to your Discord user and used to transfer rewards to.

>wallet update 0xeF6cF3A2294dB6cBdc010e559387696714307eA5

3. Send a one-time login link for you wallet

This command will send a login link to the provided e-mail address. After clicking the link in the e-mail you will be prompted to change your password and your existing rewards will be given to the new address you get when entering the Web Wallet

Make sure to link your new wallet address with >wallet update <address>!

>wallet login @[email protected]

3. Show wallet information

Show the currently linked wallet address and token balance for that address.

>wallet info

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