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Automated crash video moderation.






Tired banning crashers manually? I got the solution.

I've investigated several crash videos and determined that harmful animations change resolution during playback.

So meet the Anticrash Warden!
Simple bot that automatically scans a user message for malicious media to delete it & ban offender instantly.


  • Put highest bot's role above supervised roles. Members with highest role above highest bot's role aren't processing.
  • Zero setup - all configuration is done via Discord Permissions
  • There's the single command - !acmw. Use it to get help and debug info
  • Heavy videos aren't processed because crashers are usually short
  • Developed by Rainbow6-RUSSIA - the largest Russia & CIS Rainbow Six Siege server.

If you're an admin of developed community reach me at the support server to integrate bot's logs tightly into your workflow. It can send logs into any channel with any custom format.

To keep the bot free and save me money, it will only do fresh scans for guilds over 250 members. Smaller guilds are not as such vulnerable and will be moderated with a previously scanned list of crashers.

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