Security is a bot that will protect your server by limiting actions, here is the actions that will be limited:

  • banning members.
  • kicking members.
  • pinging @everyone.
  • deleting/creating roles.
  • deleting/creating channels.
  • adding raiding bots to your server.
  • giving administrative permission to public roles.

When someone tries to do an action that we talked above, and reaches the minimum number, the bot will DM the owner of the server, and tells that what happened, and when the user reaches the maximum number of the action, the bot will punish the user, you can change the punishment, available punishments are: kick, ban, remove role

also our bot has multi language, which supports English, Kurdish, Turkish and German, and we work to add more languages to the bot.

It might be your first time to use the bot? here you will get recommended settings of the bot for your Discord server:

Security settings can be customized, so we will give you the recommended settings that can protect your server:
s!anti ban 2 5
s!anti kick 3 7
s!anti role 1 3
s!anti channel 1 3
s!anti everyone 5 10
s!punishment remove role
The first number is minimum, and the second number is maximum.

What is minimum and maximum?

  • when someone reaches the minimum number of an action, the bot will DM the server owner.
  • and when the user reaches the maximum number, the bot will punish the user

as we setted the punishment to Remove Role, Security will clear the user roles.

Moderation Commands

In Security, there is some moderation commands, which makes your tasks easier!, here is the commands:

s!ban: you can ban a member or multiple members using this command.

s!unbanall: unbanning banned users might be hard if there is a lot of them, but it is not if you use this command.

s!kick: you can kick a member or multiple members using this command.

s!lock: Locks the current or selected text channel.

s!lockall: Locks all text channels from your server, recommended when your server gets.

s!unlock: Unlocks the current or selected text channel.


Security ignores those that have been whitelisted, users can whitelist others while they have Administrator permission and they must have a higher role than the bot.

Whitelisting users/bots

users with higher role is automatically whitelisted, but if you want to add a user/bot to the whitelist, you can use this command:

s!whitelist add @user

and if you want to remove them:

s!whitelist remove @user

you can check whitelisted users/bots using:


Anti Authorize

anti authorize is a new feature, anti authorize stop others from giving administrative permissions to @everyone role and other public roles.

Public Roles List

You can add roles to this list, so anti authorize can recognize that the role is public or not, we recommend to add auto role (if exist) to this list, you can check public roles, add roles, and remove them using:


s!publicroles add @Role

s!publicroles remove @Role