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SmoothBrains Development's first multipurpose Discord bot coded in discord.js!


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SmoothBrains Development's first multipurpose Discord bot coded in discord.js!



SmoothSharp is an open source, fully customizable Discord bot that is constantly growing. SmoothSharp is a multipurpose Discord bot that was developed by the SmoothBrains JavaScrip Development team... This bot was designed to make your Discord server only need to include one Discord bot, that way you dont need to remember specific prefixes for all your bots... One prefix, DEFAULT -, and a CUSTOMIZABLE -setprefix. You can invite SmoothSharp to your Discord server using this link! Also, you can join the official Smoothbrains Development Server for all questions, suggestions, and assistance!


40+ commands and counting across 6 different categories! For now... 👀😉

  • Administration: A huge amount of settings to customize with commands like setprefix, setwelcomemessage, and setmodchannel
  • Moderation: Commands such as kick, ban, and mute to assist your moderator staff
  • Fun & Games: Tons of fun commands like trivia, meme, emojify, and a variety of animal pic commands like cat, dog, and fox
  • Information: Commands like userinfo and serverinfo for general utility
  • XP System: Gives 10-25 xp per message! rank, and leaderboard
  • Owner: Owner specific commands like eval and servers


SmoothSharp is in a continuous state of development. New features/updates may come at any time (updates in the support server). Some upcomming ideas are:

  • Music
  • Automod
  • Stream alerts


Released under the Apache License 2.0 license.


  • !ts tyler#7922 - Initial work - github
  • elite#2222 - Initial work - github
  • Optio1#iforgot - Moral, and some coding support
  • muchtek#ihavenoclue - Basiclly nothing, only gets credit because hes part of the SmoothBrains Development Team...

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