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A multipurpose bot with revolutionary commands in : Config, Fun, Info, Moderation, Music, Stats, Utilities







A cool Multipurpose Bot that operates as a private bot for any server with nickname moderation, polls, starboard etc. ⭐ Prefix: t!


  • Config - Server configuration commands
  • Fun - Fun commands to keep server active probably
  • Info - Info commands like anime > Get information on a anime of your choice
  • Moderation - Advanced moderation to keep server safe > ModLogs: Coming soon..
  • Music - Chill in vc with cool vibes music of your choice
  • Nsfw - 😏
  • Stats - Various statistics: Server info, user info, bot info etc..
  • Utilities - Get stuff done around the server, polls, addrole, remove role etc..


  • Profiles 📛
  • Modlogs 📃
  • 75% > 90% Uptime (depending on how much sevrers the bot is in) 💹
  • Better quality music (totally free) 🎵
  • Faster response time 🚀

Need Help?

If you need help on what a command does just do t!help [command name], if you still don't understand it just join the support server, you can leave right after you get help because it's main purpose is only to help or if you think you might need more help you're free to stay.

On the other hand you can join the community server and you're not allowed to leave, if you leave the curse of mary will be placed on you hahaha, Im kidding relax.


The bot gets updated everyday therefore bugs are most likely to show up. Damn bugs 🙄. Unfortunety there is no command that can allow you to send quick bug reports yet so you can just join the support server and make your report :)


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