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It's a very friendly bot that is helps you with whatever you want. Currently in basic.






I'm Allison, i started makeing discord bots, which is nice and helpful for the discord community servers and i make them to moderates the servers easily. If you don't love silly bots, or simply you want a kind friend just invite it to your server, you will see it's very friendly. It's in basic mode, but i will have a lot of time add new and new features to it.

Only these commands available right now!

thc!goodmorning:says good morning to the user

thc!goodnight:says good night to the user

thc!howyourday: ping @everyone with one simple question: how is your day going?

thc!help: comming soon

thc!ping: look up if the bot is working

thc!whatping: shows the bot's pingrate

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