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FlameBot! A feature rich bot with alot of features, fun, moderation, music, and more!! FlameBot is online 24/7 unless the host has problem.




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Commands List: f!4chan looks up a thread on 4chan f!addmeme "meme" "response" creates a meme response when someone states the given message f!alias Creates command aliases. Useful for making simple commands on the fly. f!aliases Lists all recorded aliases. f!announce Bot sends message in text to speech. f!chuckNorris gives a random Chuck Norris joke f!cmdauth Gets/toggles command usage permissions for the specified user. f!create creates a new text channel with the given name. f!date_fact Gives a Random Date Fact f!delete deletes the specified channel f!dequeue Dequeues the given song index from the song queue. Use the queue command to get the list of songs in the queue. f!eval Executes arbitrary javascript in the bot process. User must have "eval" permission. f!ggif get random gif matching tags from google f!giphy returns a random gif from giphy matching the tags passed f!highnoon f!idle Sets bot status to idle. f!image gets the top matching image from google f!imgmeme "meme" creates a meme response when someone states the given message f!inspirobot returns an inspirational image generated by inspirobot f!invite Generates an invite link you can use to invite the bot to your server. f!joke Gives a Random Joke f!kick Kick a user with a message! Requires both the author of the message and the bot to have kick permission f!leet converts boring regular text to 1337 f!lmgtfy Generates a disguised Let Me Google That For You link for when you're feeling snarky. f!log logs message to bot console f!math_fact Gives a Random Math Fact f!meme meme "top text" "bottom text" Currently available memes: brace mostinteresting fry onedoesnot yuno success allthethings doge drevil skeptical notime yodawg awkwardpenguin

f!memes <on|off> turns the memes on or off for this channel f!msg Sends a message to a user the next time they come online. f!myid returns the user id of the sender f!online Sets bot status to online. f!pause pauses music playback f!ping Responds pong; useful for checking if bot is alive. f!play <search terms|URL> Plays the given video in the user's voice channel. Supports YouTube and many others: http://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/supportedsites.html f!playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/...|spotify:playlist:... plays spotify playlists f!pullanddeploy bot will perform a git pull master and restart with the new code f!queue [-s] prints the current music queue for this server. -s to print in concise form f!reddit [subreddit] Returns the top post on reddit. Can optionally pass a subreddit to get the top psot there instead f!resume resumes music playback f!rimage {search query} gets a random image matching tags from google f!roll [# of sides] or [# of dice]d[# of sides]( + [# of dice]d[# of sides] + ...) roll one die with x sides, or multiple dice using d20 syntax. Default value is 10 f!rss lists available rss feeds f!say {message} Bot sends message f!servers Tells you what servers the bot is in f!setUsername sets the username of the bot. Note this can only be done twice an hour! f!sfx {sound name} Play the sound effect with the given name in the voice channel the user is in f!sfxadd {sound name} Uploads the sound effect attached to the message for use with the sfx command f!sfxlist Lists all available sound effects f!sfxrm {sound name} Removes the given sound effect f!shuffle Shuffles the play queue f!skip skips to the next song in the playback queue f!stock {ticker}[,{ticker},...] Returns a stock price for a given ticker. Example: !stock TSLA,BRK.A,PHIA.AS f!topic [topic] Sets the topic for the channel. No topic removes the topic. f!twitch {stream(s)} returns information about the given twitch stream(s) f!twitch_user {user(s)} returns information about the given twitch user(s) f!uptime returns the amount of time since the bot started f!urban {word} looks up a word on Urban Dictionary f!userid [user to get id of] Returns the unique id of a user. This is useful for permissions. f!version returns the git commit this bot is running f!voice {channel name} creates a new voice channel with the give name. f!vroll [# of dice]d[# of sides] verbose way to roll multiple of the same die f!watchtogether [video url (Youtube, Vimeo) Generate a watch2gether room with your video to watch with your friends! f!wiki {search terms} Returns the summary of the first matching search result from Wikipedia, or a random page if no searh terms were specified. f!wolfram {search terms} gives results from wolfram alpha using search terms f!xkcd [comic number] displays a given xkcd comic number (or the latest if nothing specified f!year_fact Gives a Random Year Fact f!youtube {video tags} gets youtube video matching tags These are the features FlameBot can do! It also stays on 24/7

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