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Just a fun bot with some commands, going to expand on it later






Smokin' Goose is a bot created by Hyperwolf on July 12, 2021. It has many commands, including:

Coinflip - Flip a coin and see which face it lands on

Quote - Generate a quote from a famous person using a quote generation API

Insults - Generate an insult from a list of user-submitted insults submitted through the bot support discord server and also using an API

Roll dice - Roll some dice and see what number you get, can be useful in games that require dice, like D&D

Word - Learn a new word every day! Random word generated using an API.

And many more other commands!

Use the help command to see the full list of available commands.

Smokin' Goose bot's source code can be found via github. The bot is hosted on replit.

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