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Allows users to Save/Share/Merge personal playlists, load/merge youtube and spotify playlists, and loops the playing list indefinitely

Quick Overview:

  • each user gets the ability to save 5 playlists with the bot, you can load playlists of songs from youtube, or spotify. When you load a playlist

  • if you went to another server the bot is in, you would still have your 5 playlists, its user specific and discord wide.

  • When you load a list, your friend can then save it, you can directly share playlists because when you load a playlist it adds to the current queue, you can even merge your list with someone else if you like

  • this bot wont just stop playing music, that is unless it is told to stop, it will loop its playlist endlessly it can loop forever on shuffle even

  • You can customize its command prefix to whatever you like anything from '!' or '-' to 'something' or 'anything'

  • of course basic functions like pause, next, list, add, remove (can remove ranges), skipto, shuffle, seek, etc all included

  • Text to speech with the tts command

  • Can generate text with the gt command and will produce a 100% unique png photo made of 6 layers of the text you provide in it's own artistic style.

Command syntax and descriptions:

  • Play:

    • When used WITH parameters it will: \n

    • Initiate playing with a song if the current list is empty, else it will add to the currently playing list and shares similar functionality with add\n

    • When used WITHOUT parameters it will: \n

    • Begin/resume playing the list\n

    • If audio was paused, will resume

    • Can be used as: p

    • Syntax: p [string/Youtube URL/blank],

  • Leave:

    • Description: leaves the voice channel. Does not clear the list,
  • Pause

    • Description: Simply pauses the currently playing audio,,
  • Next

    • Description: plays the next song in the current list, if shuffle is on will play a random song in the list.,
  • prev

    • Description: plays the previous song in the current list
  • Shuffle

    • Description: Toggles shuffle on or of,
  • Seek:

    • Description: Seeks to time in currently playing audio.
    • Syntax: seek [MM:SS or HH:MM:SS] (ie. seek 00:45)
  • Skipto

    • Description: Skips to a song in the current list.
    • Syntax: skipto [Integer Number],
  • Addlist

    • Description: Adds every song in youtube or spotify playlist to the currently playing playlist
    • Syntax: addlist [youtube/spotify playlist URL(s)]
  • Add

    • Description: Used as play, except must have parameters. Only adds a song to the current list, but does not immediately play it or the list.
    • Syntax: add [string/Youtube URL]
  • Remove

    • Description: removes item(s) by number from the current list. Can be a range of numbers.
    • Syntax: remove [number or range (ie. 3, or 3-10)]
  • List

    • Description: Displays the currently playing list
    • Syntax: list [blank/Integer Number]
  • Clear

    • Description: clears the currently playing list of all songs.
  • Delsave

    • Description: Deletes a saved playlist, 1-5, \n TIP: use load with no parameter to view your saved lists.
    • Syntax: delsave [Integer Number 1-5]
  • Load

    • Description: Displays the current saved playlists to load or loads a playlist.
    • Syntax: load [Blank/Integer Number 1-5]
  • Save

    • Description: Saves the current list to the user that can be loaded later, \n TIP: when loaded it adds to the currently playing list. Any user can use the save command after another user loads a list, this is a great way to share playlists.
    • Syntax: save [PlaylistName (may not contain spaces, numbers, or special characters)],
  • Prefix

    • Description: Changes the command prefix, currently:
    • Syntax: prefix [NewCommandPrefix],
  • quietMode:

    • Description: silences most output from the bot, this is a toggle
  • Gentext / text / gt

    • Description: Can generate text with the gt command and will produce a 100% unique png photo made of 6 layers of the text you provide in it's own artistic style.
  • Tts

    • Description: Text to speech, will choose out of a list, 1 of 11 famous voices. Briefly pauses if anything is playing and resumes automatically if so after.
  • Oauth

    • Description: shares the link used to add this bot to a server.

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