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Dyno is a fully customizable bot for your server with a web dashboard, moderation, music, autoroles, auto moderation, and more.

Created By: Avatar of NoobLance NoobLance# 0002 Certified Developer

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

The default prefix is ?

Type ?help for a list of commands. The prefix is changeable for your server using the prefix command, and in the web dashboard.

A fully customizable server moderation Discord bot for your Discord server that features a simple and intuitive web dashboard. Server management just got a whole lot easier.

Dashboard: A feature-rich, configurable web dashboard. You can easily enable, disable, and configure everything.

Moderation: Moderation with mod logs, timed mutes and bans. Auto-moderation/anti-spam, fully configurable.

Much More!: Autoroles, autodelete, custom commands, announcements, joinable ranks, AFK status, reminders, and much more.

Dyno is used on 3,400,000+ servers, we invite you to try it out and hope you enjoy!

It's updated frequently with new features and enhancements. If there are any features that you would like to see, request them in our Discord server! New features are built off what users ask for.

To add and setup your server, head over to the Dyno website at https://dyno.gg/

User Reviews


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avatar of Trych
Trych 25 days ago

I used mee6, carl bot and another one with a weird spelled name but by far Dyno really is my favorite. Clean dashboard, dev open to ideas and are alway improving the bot, a lot of support. I cancelled my premium with mee and carl and only now use Dyno for everything, no need for 56 bot for what I need such as Message embed, auto message delete, timed channel purge, anti raid and spam. etc. Dyno does it all! The feature I love the most is the message embed save, if you close your embed it remain saved on your dashboard to edit it and repost it later which is a huge thing for me! Thanks for this awesome bot!!


avatar of Braydon
Braydon 24 days ago

Dyno has been on my server for over a very long time. Though Dyno has had its uptime issues, the developers are continuously working on improving it. I truly enjoy Dyno.


avatar of editid
editid 25 days ago

Infinity better than MEE6


avatar of im_a_waffle1
im_a_waffle1 20 days ago

I have gone from using MEE6 to Dyno on all of my servers. You can get a lot without paying for the bot, while on MEE6 about 3/4 of the features are under some form of paywall. The dashboard is a little weird at times, but even then it is still a very good bot.


avatar of ʇoᴉpᴉ‾ǝuoqɹǝuuᴉp
ʇoᴉpᴉ‾ǝuoqɹǝuuᴉp 24 days ago

Ah yes. Dyno. ive used it multiple times. mostly for moderation because thats what it does best. more than than any other bot out there it doesnt glitch.


avatar of jean_enchanted
jean_enchanted 22 days ago

This bot is way better than MEE6! It has its limits though, like not really having a good way for the 'help' command and having to go to the website just to find all the commands, and its music still isn't avalable, but aside from that, it's got way better moderation tools. It doesn't need you to buy too many things unlike MEE6, so no need to waste your time just looking for free stuff. Thus, the purge command is so advanced for Dyno (you can purge images only, bots only, humans only, etc) and you can even get unlimited free custom commands, plus even tags. It's hands down the best bot.


avatar of Link
Link 25 days ago



avatar of RoyceOfficial  ✔
RoyceOfficial ✔ 24 days ago

Best Bot ever Its has it all you need rn


avatar of Dolve
Dolve 23 days ago

Dyno is an incredible bot! As somebody who isn't too keen on web dashboards, Dyno isn't my cup of tea! That being said, I have tried it, and have close friends who use this as their go - to bot! As of November 2020, down times are a regular occurance, which is why I recommend it, but you should get a backup bot as well


avatar of PiGuy
PiGuy 25 days ago

Great utility bot and an even better community!


avatar of Worm Child King
Worm Child King 18 days ago

When I try to invite him the page doesn't load


avatar of Veld
Veld 17 days ago

Poggers bot bro, i rate 5/5 hell yea


avatar of rose.
rose. 18 days ago

Dyno in my opinion is one of the best bots made for Discord. I'd say it doesn't have EVERYTHING you need, but it is the perfect bot for moderation. Dyno had some issues in the past with some commands on my server, but in the end. This bot is literally all you need in your server if you just want to moderate it. Colors, economy, etc is not very needed. So I suggest inviting Dyno! If you're one of those people thinking that MEE6 is better because it's certified let me tell you. I've tried both, and Dyno is definitely better. MEE6 wants people to pay for the other 3/4 of their feature meaning if you're not paying then you'll only get 1/4 of moderation that you COULD'VE gotten FREE with Dyno.


avatar of soda
soda 25 days ago

Great bot!


avatar of Enigma
Enigma 22 days ago

One of the best moderation bot I've ever come across. I've been using Dyno since a very long time and my experience with it is by far the best compared to other bots out there ! Keep up the good work, Nooblance and the team ! 👍❤ Side notes: They have a really good support server. The people helping there are really calm and understanding. Feedback on the support is a 10/10.


avatar of Sonicbackwards
Sonicbackwards 19 days ago

Wow cool this bot can actually ban people or mute but interesing But hey i like this bot


avatar of NoBaka
NoBaka 22 days ago

nice bot, i like it


avatar of firegamer
firegamer 23 days ago

best bot ever for growing your server i 100% recommend it


avatar of _Lorelai
_Lorelai 21 days ago

Dyno is fantastic, A clean dashboard and easy custom commands, 10/10, Would Recommend to anyone looking for a Simple, Easy and Great Bot


avatar of Eqilux
Eqilux 23 days ago

Great bot but they just need to fix their downtime issues