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A rich YouTube bot for Discord. Let users know when you upload a video, get detailed information and much more.

Please do not review our bot 1 star, if you cant get it to work please join our support server and we will be glad to help you. A few quick ways you can check is if the bot shows up in the member list you can run yt test to check if the bot has proper permissions in the channel. Giving us poor review for something that can easily be fixed is not a way to get support.

The best YouTube bot for Discord.

YouTube has plenty of features for users, content producers and streamers, that will help keep your community up to date.

Easy to use

YouTube doesn't take any setup. Invite it to your server, run the help command, and you're good to go. It's so easy that Wumpus could do it.

Fast upload notifications

Let your community know when you upload. Or maybe keep an eye on when your favourite Fortnite channel posts a new video. All possible with YouTube's upload notifications.

Content rich statistics

Video, channel, and playlist information. All presented in a clear, rich format, with all the information you need.

Lyrics that are better than the rest

YouTube's lyric functionality is unlike any other bots. Not only can it access a wide range of diverse lyrics, but you can also search using a YouTube video URL, and even download the full lyrics as a text file for easy printing and reading.

No need to visit youtube.com

With YouTube, you can view any country's trending videos, get random videos, view detailed and accurate video, channel or playlist information, all from the comfort of your own server.

You're in safe hands

YouTube is verified by Discord, certified by top.gg and many other lists, and created by an awesome team of developers that want to make a great experience for all of the users.

Need help with YouTube? Drop in to our support server.

User Reviews


Based on 41 reviews

avatar of deitz
deitz 25 days ago

This user's comment was flagged by the bot owner.

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avatar of brockbreacher
brockbreacher 25 days ago

Works great instead of ifttt, read the instructions and it's simple (and faster than other solutions), Easy recommend!


avatar of Miz
Miz 25 days ago

So far it's the best solution I've found for notifying YouTube alerts while allowing custom messages to be sent. My preference lies with the actual profile picture, as it's easy to distinguish a normal announcement, a YouTube Alert and a Twitch alert, so all the bots with built-in announcements make me confused. So, this is so far the best YouTube discord bot for separate YouTube pings for a large number of linked channels. P.S. Anyone who is voting 1 star because of their server setup problems, please join their Discord server, it will help out a lot.


avatar of Alexandy1
Alexandy1 25 days ago

This was so easy to set up I can see when my favorite YouTuber "Pokimane" uploads a new cute video. I would recommend this bot. ;)


avatar of Nightcat
Nightcat 25 days ago

Not hard to set up and does what it says it does. A nice companion to the YouTube site :)


avatar of GamingwithShao
GamingwithShao 23 days ago

In general, the YouTube bot is a really cool concept and has many interesting features. It needs a LOT of work though. To start, you have to upvote the bot to gain access to almost all of the commands, and many of them haven't even worked for me. On top of that, one of the owners of the server is threatening people to not give poor reviews in the support server. He/she is also flagging the poor reviews on this website, which I don't agree with.


avatar of Moonstar
Moonstar 25 days ago

Some of the views shown in reviews are blown a bit out of proportion. First, I agree with the people developing the bot. A 1-star review isn't appropriate in order to make complaints about a simple issue that can be fixed in a simple message in the support server. Second, everyone saying this isn't user friendly clearly hasn't used it. Type one thing, 4 characters, and you are greeted with a "How to use" message. Finally, every question I had attempting to use this was answered effectively in the FAQ, so no wonder they advise you to read it. All in all, if you have a use for a bot like this, then it's probably the best alternative on the market at the moment. Take a golden rating from me.


avatar of August
August 25 days ago

tony and bowsie are the cutest 👍 about the bot, it's aight -- needs some improvement but it's good :D


avatar of ÖmerMetehan☪
ÖmerMetehan☪ 21 days ago

Works Great... I like it this bot


avatar of 🎀 QuantumCat 🎀
🎀 QuantumCat 🎀 25 days ago

bowser qt, good bot


avatar of ckennedy02
ckennedy02 25 days ago

Great bot for it's purpose!


avatar of 🍃Severe depression🍃
🍃Severe depression🍃 25 days ago

tốt :>


avatar of Telk
Telk 23 days ago

Good bot for notifications and getting information


avatar of wolcam
wolcam 19 days ago

Very nice


avatar of NatoruTV
NatoruTV 19 days ago

Top! I love You Bot YouTube!


avatar of Game Programmer
Game Programmer 18 days ago

cool this is a good bot


avatar of CrazyNaturekitty
CrazyNaturekitty 26 days ago

This user's comment was flagged by the bot owner.

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avatar of YouTube
YouTube 26 days ago

We're really sorry you experienced this. Join our support server, and we'll be sure to help you out!

Replying to CrazyNaturekitty

avatar of bruh69
bruh69 21 days ago



avatar of 《vṩ》Yousuf༒》
《vṩ》Yousuf༒》 17 days ago

تتت زن


avatar of BadKarma
BadKarma 7 days ago

nice and simple. i like it. its good for servers that just started