YouTube Certified Bots


YouTube brings the best of to your Discord server, with information, intergration, utility and more.

About YouTube

YouTube is a Discord bot that brings the best of into your server. It features rich content information, various utilities like lyric searching and music suggestions, trending videos, and much more.


Full YouTube information

Get your hands on live video, playlist or channel information, directly from your server.

Unmatched capabilities

Trending videos, suggested music based on your tastes, lyrics for videos, and way more.

Understand it your way

YouTube has support for multiple languages per server, including Turkish and many others.

Simple and clear to use

Once you start, it'll always be your go-to. Simple searching, and lots more to keep you up to date.

Get started

So, what's stopping you from upgrading your server to the next level? Invite YouTube straight away — it needs barely any permissions and takes only seconds to get started with. You won't regret your choice.

Click here to invite the bot.

Need any help?

YouTube is home to one of the most supportive and friendly communities around a bot to exist. Get quick support, or just chill out and use the bot in a great place. If you have any ideas for commands, whether it's a new command or additions, or found bugs, join the support server and let us know.

Click here to join the support community.