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Mangobyte is a discord bot primarily focused on providing information about the game Dota 2, and doing text-to-speech in a voice channel.


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Mangobyte is a discord bot primarily focused on providing information about the game Dota 2, and doing text-to-speech in a voice channel. The text-to-speech has many different forms, including playing clips, playing voice lines from dota, and doing tts from user input. The Dota 2 information is both information about the players and their recent matches, as well as information extracted from the game itself about the stats of various heroes. It can also play an intro for users when they join the voice channel it is in. It is highly configurable, allowing server/guild owners to configure various options for their servers, as well as users to configure various options for themselves. I'm using the disnake python wrapper for the Discord API. I'm also making use of dotabase, which is an open source repository (created by yours truly) containing data about the game Dota 2.

Inviting Mangobyte

Want to try out mangobyte on your server? Invite Link

Slash Command Migration

Mangobyte has recently finished migrating to slash commands. If you are having issues getting slash commands working properly in your server, try taking a look at Slash Command Common Issues. If you use mangobyte already and want to know why we've switched to slash commands or just want more information on it, run the command /docs Slash Commands.


Mangobyte currently has 71 commands, separated into 6 categories


Commands that don't really fit into the other categories

/bot changelog       | Gets a rough changelog for mangobyte                                                     
/bot donate          | Posts some links with info about how to donate to the developer                          
/bot info            | Prints info about mangobyte                                                              
/bot invite          | Shows the invite link                                                                    
/bot stats           | Displays some bot statistics                                                             
/docs                | Shows some documentation about a specific part of the bot                                
/echo                | Echos the given message                                                                  
/help                | Gives some information about the bot command categories                                  
/misc ask            | A magic 8-ball style question answerer                                                   
/misc cat            | Gets a picture of the developer's cat                                                    
/misc choose         | Randomly chooses one of the given options                                                
/misc dog            | Gets a picture of one of the developer's dogs                                            
/misc insult         | Insults the given victim, or you if you dont target anyone                               
/misc lasagna        | Posts an image of a baked italian dish                                                   
/misc random         | Gets a random number between the minimum and maximum (inclusive)                         
/misc scramble       | Scrambles the insides of words                                                           
/misc showerthought  | Gets a top post from the r/ShowerThoughts subreddit                                      
/ping                | Pongs a number of times(within reason)                                                   
/reddit              | Displays a formatted reddit post                                                         
/userconfig          | Configures the bot's user-specific settings                                              
/wiki                | Looks up a thing on wikipedia                                                            


For playing audio in a voice channel

/clipinfo            | Gets information and a file for the given clip                                           
/clips chatwheel     | Shows a list of chatwheel lines                                                          
/clips dota          | Plays a dota response                                                                    
/clips local         | Lists the names of local audio clips. For more info on clips, see '/docs Clips'          
/play chatwheel      | Plays the given chat wheel sound. Try '/clips chatwheel' to get a list of clips.         
/play dota           | Plays a dota response. Try '/clips dota' for a similar command that returns a list       
/play local          | Plays a local audio clip. For more information on clips, see `/docs Clips`               
/play tts            | Converts the given message to speech and plays the tts clip                              
/replay              | Replays the last played clip                                                             
/say                 | Plays a sound clip based on the message given, drawing from multiple clip types          
/stop                | Stops the currently playing clip                                                         


For information about the game Dota 2 [Patch 7.31c]

/abilities           | Shows all of the abilities/spells for that hero                                          
/ability             | Gets information about a specific hero ability                                           
/aghanim             | Gets the aghs upgrade for the given hero or ability                                      
/courage             | Generates a challenge build with a random hero and items                                 
/emoticon add        | Adds a dota emoticon as an animated emoji to this server                                 
/emoticon show       | Gets the gif of a dota emoticon                                                          
/fuseheroes          | Visually fuse together two heroes                                                        
/hero                | Gets information about a specific hero                                                   
/herostats           | Gets the stats for a hero at the specified level                                         
/herotable           | Displays a table of dota heroes sorted by a stat                                         
/item                | Gets information about a specific dota 2 item                                            
/lore                | Gets the lore of a hero, ability, or item                                                
/neutralitems        | Displays neutral item information                                                        
/recipe              | Shows the recipes involving this item                                                    
/talents             | Gets the talents of a specific hero                                                      


Commands for displaying information about Dota 2 players and matches

/dotagif             | Creates a gif of a specific part of a dota match                                         
/firstmatch          | Gets info about the player's first dota game                                             
/lm                  | Gets info about the player's last dota game                                              
/match graph         | Creates a graph for a dota match                                                         
/match info          | Creates a table with some basic stats and information about the dota match               
/match laning        | Creates gif of the laning stage with a caption                                           
/match skillbuild    | Gets the ability upgrades for a match                                                    
/match story         | Tells the story of the match                                                             
/matchids            | Gets a list of recent matchids that match the given filter                               
/meta                | Prints the top meta heroes from https://opendota.com/heroes                              
/parse               | Request for OpenDota to parse a recent match                                             
/playerstats         | Gets stats about the player's dota matches                                               
/profile             | Displays information about the player's dota profile                                     
/recent              | Gets a list of your recent dota matches                                                  
/rolesgraph          | Gets a graph displaying the dota player's hero roles                                     
/twenty              | Gets stats from the player's last 20 parsed games                                        
/whoishere           | Shows the linked steam accounts of anyone who is in voice chat with mango                


Pokemon related commands

/pokecry             | Plays the pokemon's sound effect                                                         
/pokemon             | Looks up information about the given pokemon                                             


Commands to help manage mangobyte on your server/guild

/botunban            | Unbans the user, allowing them to use commands. Note this will soon be deprecated.       
/config              | Configures the bot's settings for this server/guild                                      
/enablecommand       | Re-enables the specified command or command category. Note this will soon be deprecated. 
/summon              | Summons the bot to the voice channel                                                     
/unsummon            | Removes the bot from the voice channel                                                   


/hero brew


/ability dream coil


/item silver edge


/herotable lvl 20 effective hp

/lastmatch as skywrath this patch









/recent tinker wins (See the options you can use for this here)



Customization options

Mangobyte is customizable on a per-user and per-server level, via the /userconfig and /config commands. The following is a list of the different options you have for each command. To see more information about a particular option, try giving it the value 'show' like this: /userconfig steam show.

/config (per-server configuration)

  • reactions
  • ttschannel
  • botadmin
  • intros
  • outros
  • ttslang
  • usenickname
  • simpletts
  • announcetts
  • ttschannelwarn
  • allowedbots
  • allowwebhooks
  • restrictsummoning

/userconfig (per-user configuration)

  • steam
  • intro
  • outro
  • introtts
  • outrotts


I would recommend simply inviting mangobyte to your server via the Invite Link, but if you want to contribute to mangobyte or just like running code, the following is how you can install and run your own instance of mangobyte.

Before installing and running your own instance of mangobyte, you will first need to install the following:

  • Python 3.9
  • Pip
  • Dependencies: python3.9 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  • ffmpeg (the tool used for playing audio)
  • gifsicle (the tool used for creating gifs)

If you run python3.9 mangobyte.py, you will probably get an error message because the bot token isn't set. You'll have to create a bot account through discord in order to get one of these tokens. Note that the above link is for a different discord bot, and so the "Logging in with a token" section does not apply here. Now that you have a bot account, set the token field in the settings.json file to your new bot's token. After you have done this, and have invited your bot to your server, don't forget to add the ID of the voice channel you want to connect it to in the defaultvoice field in the settings.json file.

You should now be done! You can run mangobyte by calling python3.9 mangobyte.py, and you should probably set up a virtual environment so that nothing bad has a chance of happening.

Example settings.json file

	"token": "<token here>",
	"error_logging": false,
	"debug": false

For explanation of each option, see the comments on the properties in settings.py

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about 2 years ago

MangoByte is an essential bot for enthusiastic Dota 2 players that need an additional utility bot for this game. The sole developer is kind and is as responsive as they can be.



over 1 year ago

after a recent update the old_prefix: "?" got replaced by a new_prefix: "/" and the bot is completely broken, pls fix!!! (edited)



about 2 years ago




over 2 years ago

Loving it! Provides a great and easy way to show our Dota match stats! Perfect for the hour-long discussions after games, bragging about solo wins, and complaining about being matched with noobs in lost games. From time to time it does behave weirdly, but overall, pretty reliable! Thanks to the developer for giving us this great discord bot!





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