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Get the market Prices for Items! Get the reputation of Discord users !rep @yixn for example Add rep for Users Check whole Discord for Scammers (from The Scam List) Already hosted for you, so everything you got to is adding it to your Discord Server


!price black zomba !price crimson voltaic !price fg invade !price hw !rep @yixn +rep @yixn Great Trader +rep @yixn Scammed me {Imgur proof} !scam_check

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avatar of 'Dammit, Janet'
'Dammit, Janet' 12 days ago

The bot did not have prices for a number of items that users were looking up, and the auth command mentioned on the bot's website to gain access to the control panel did not work, leading to prefix conflicts with other bots that also could not be changed. Ultimately, we made the decision to kick this bot from our server, as the cons heavily outweighed the pros, and we found a bot that could do its job better.


avatar of Sleepy
Sleepy 9 days ago

It can not find prices of items, I used the command and asked for tw zombas but did not work same with white hat and magma decal and many more stuff like that. Overall didn't helped me at all and gave a error when looking up my stats.