Multi-purpose Discord bot, including search commands, fun commands and games, pictures of animals, moderation tools, etc.

Created By: xinitrc# 0001

Multi-purpose Discord bot with wide array of commands! Type '' for details!

Moderation Commands

  • Kick, ban or even timeout people with simple to use commands that extend your regular mod tools!

Text, image and other searches!

  • Search results on google, image search, dictionaries search, weather search and games stats!

Animal Commands

  • Who doesn't like some cute cats/dogs/bunnies/foxes?

Random Commands

  • Want to flip a coin? Don't have a pair of dice? Can't choose a movie? We got you covered!

Social Commands

  • Want to hug/fight/spray someone but can't express your emotions? Take a look at those ;)

Emoji Commands

  • Don't have Nitro but want to use emojis from other servers? Can hardly see that small emoji? All is here.

Many Other Commands

  • They can't wait to be tried out!

Ability to change command prefix!

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