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Memes, antitoxic moderation, roasts, info, Reddit, load shedding, entertainment and more


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Spectrum is a Discord Bot made with Python for fun.

discord.py python 3.6


1,300+ servers


To use Spectrum, you can either mention it, or you can simply use it's prefix, which is $


A smart-enough chat bot, made completely by me

Name Description
@Spectrum#4109 {input} Mention the bot to chat to it! The input must not be a command (anything below)


Fun to use commands made for fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Name Description
roast Let Spectrum insult someone or yourself
ship {@user1} {@user2} Test love between two users
gay-scanner {@user} See how gAeY another user is. Shows my level of maturity too
combine {word1} {word2} Makes two words one. For sentances: $combine "a sentance" "cuz y not"
8ball Generic. But mine looks better

Subreddits (Reddit)

Posts stuff from subreddits to your discord chat

Name Description
meme Collects fresh memes from different subreddits
dankmemes The finest memes on Reddit
showerthought Random and interesting thoughts
me_irl Fresh memes from only the best subreddit
hmmm Cursed images thank make you say "hmmm..!?"
programmerhumor Humor for programmers
surrealmemes S u r r e a l (not for mortals)


Useful commands I guess

Name Description
qr {input} Makes a QR code for you
bigemote {emote} Converts emoji to png so you can save it
poll {input} Makes a simple poll so you can vote either yes or no

Text Conversion

Mess around with text, encode or decode stuff and more

Name Description
drunkify {input} RaNdoMizes youR InPUT's cApS AND LoWErCAsE
expand {ammount (1-5) {input} Adds spaces between l e t t e r s
reverse {input} Reverses text
texttohex {input} Encodes plaintext to hexidecimal (eg: 6f 77 6f)
hextotext {input} Decodes hexidecimal to plaintext
texttobinary {input} Encodes plaintext to binary
binarytotext {input} Decodes binary to plaintext


Get information about stuff

Name Description Usage
user Get information about a user info user @someone
server Get information about the current server info server
bot Shows a bit of infomation for Spectrum info bot

Game Info

Shows what the most popular games are in the server and who's playing them

Name Description
currentgames Shows the most popular games in order from your server
whosplaying {game} Check who's playing a specific game in your server

Load Shedding

For South African's that have to deal with loadshedding

Name Description
loadshedding Gives loadshedding statistics


Extra generic just the way you like it. more coming soon maybe probably

Name Description
clear {amount} Purges/deletes an amount of messages from the channel
slowmode {amount} Puts channel in slowmode with the ammount as an interval
kick {user} {reason} Kicks the user obviously
ban {user} {reason} Bans the user obviously
softban {user} {reason} Bans and unbans the user, so their messages are deleted
giverole {user} {role} Gives the user a role
removerole {user} {role} Removes a role from a user


My own, very lightweight form of encryption (secret "language") I made because I was bored.

Name Description Usage
encrypt (e) Encrypts plaintext to specrypt specrypt e Hello world!
decrypt (d) Decrypts specrypted text into plaintext specrypt d Tqxx{,c{~xp-


Other boring generic commands

Name Description
ping Super smexy ping command. Calculates average ping
invite Sends the link that allows you to add Spectrum to your server
server / support Sends you to Spectrix's super cool server!!!
help Sends your here. You should know that tho

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