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An easy to use multi-purpose discord bot, it contains music, moderation, fun and more!

About Trinity

Trinity is a fun little discord bot that awesome commands. It has image, currency, music, and moderation commands. You can view my commands by doing *help on your server. I'm frequently updated with new features and improvements. You can always suggest features you would like to see.

Features we provide

  • Moderation
    • Kick, ban, softban and unban.
    • Purge command, to delete messages.
  • Music
    • We support Soundcloud, YouTube
    • Pause, resume, and queue.
  • Utilities
    • Greeting and farewell commands.
    • Autorole, give a role to new comers.
    • User and server information commands.
    • Ability to change bots prefix.
  • 99% uptime, online 24/7.
  • Image manipulation.
  • Currency commands.

Add Trinity to your server to checkout more commands by doing *help

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