An intelligent, wise, and rather cunning multipurpose bot

Created By: Jacz# 0001

It's about time that Discord welcomed a cunning fox to the scene. Mr.Fox checks that box and more. Features: Mr.Fox is a multipurpose bot. Let's just say, he can do a lot.

Automod - Protect your server from harm while you are away from the controls.

Economy - Virtual Yen system. Your server members can get "rich" in virtual money.

Moderation - Powerful moderator functions that you and your moderators can use to further enhance your server's experience.

Music - Mr.Fox features a robust YouTube music streamer, so you can chill out to some sweet tunes while in a Discord voice channel.

Leveling - Level up! You and your server members can complete for the top spot on the server-wide Leveling leaderboard, by chatting and participating in server activities.

Role Management - Server members can assign themselves roles that you configure, either through reactions are a command. Saves you time, right?

Tags/Custom Commands - Need to reference important server details frequently, but can't be bothered to type it every time? Fox has got you covered, he's just that smart. Save any tag to the server database, and reference it easily with command-like syntax that you can control.