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pawa is a Discord bot that allows you to record a voice channel with ease. Follow this recipe:

  1. Join a voice channel, then type !record
  2. Create and upload recording, type !save
  3. Stop recording voice channel, type !stop

Visit https://pawa.im for full documentation


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Record voice channel



Uploads recording to Discord. (Max recording is 110MB)



Stop recording voice channel


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avatar of itsjonastrs
itsjonastrs 2 months ago

So i like pawa. There is no time limit for recording. So its good :)


avatar of le kat
le kat 1 month ago

its surprising how underrated this bot is


avatar of lavitra Tyagi
lavitra Tyagi 20 days ago

Yes this is a best recording bot fkr discord but I want to know the time limit and memory limit of pawa bot

avatar of pawa
pawa 20 days ago

@pawa uses variable bitrate (VBR) encoding, so I cannot tell you a specific time limit. For normal voice conversation, I've heard it can be up to 3 hours, but for constant music it's gonna be much less. The hard size limit right now is 110MB (01/11/2021).

Replying to lavitra Tyagi

avatar of CamoCarrot123
CamoCarrot123 1 month ago

Pawa is amazing, really easy commands and is great for recording our podcast M&L Weekly. We love you Pawa <3 -M&L Weekly Crew.


avatar of An Idiot
An Idiot 18 days ago

This is amazing! Craig betrayed me so I needed to find a new bot to accompany me. The quality is amazing and it stores quite a lot of audio. Very nice, very easy to use.


avatar of Phatina
Phatina 12 days ago

i love the bot but i feel like you should add a feature where we can command the bot to record any vc, not just the one that we are in.

avatar of pawa
pawa 12 days ago

I'll look into working on this feature when I have time. There are a few things that might get tricky, but here's the ticket for it https://gitlab.com/pawabot/pawa/-/issues/33

Replying to Phatina