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Find our dashboard with full auto moderation settings Here You can setup features like invite tracking , Invite links blocking, Link blocking, Caps limits, Auto role users on join (You can also auto role users by account age ), Limit number of mentions per message

Users can assign themselves roles with "role tag" or "roles" to view all roles

Welcome messages & Invite tracking

Custom welcome message

Easy to use dashboard


⚒ Moderation

Additional features are setup via https://dash.chewey-bot.top (Invite tracking,Invite blocking, Link block, Caps limit, User assignable roles)

Command Description
role (tag) separate by a space
roles lists all assignable roles on server
settings view current settings on server
cleanup (number) @user can use just a number to delete last x messages or add an @ to filter and delete messages by that user you can do multiple mentions as well to filter out multiple people
temp-ban (time) reason @mention (or attach multiple mentions to ban multiple)
mute (time) reason @mention (or attach multiple mentions to mute multiple)
invites @mention Shows current invite count for a user
invites reset Resets "leaderboard sincereset" (Good if you want to run invite challenges)
invites leaderboard Shows top 10 users who have invited people
invites leaderboard active Shows top 10 users who have active invites
invites leaderboard sincereset Shows top 10 users since the last reset

🔧 Utilities

Command Description
giveaway (time) (winners) (message) Starts a give away "giveaway 1d2h3m 1 message"
poll (time) (options) Time is optional, Display multiple options poll 1d2h3m Option 1\|Option 2
event (time) (message) Allow users to get a ping when an event starts (react to be alerted)
remind (time) (what) sets a reminder time format 1d2h3m4s
reminders view all your reminders
info Shows bots current info
ping Shows bots current ping
mc-lookup (server address) Gets the current status of a Minecraft server
iss Get the current position of the International Space Station
math (query) ask it any math question and have it solved
weather (placename), (country code) just place works some times
avatar @mention Gets a users avatar and download link

🎱 Miscellaneous

Command Description
coin-flip flips a coin
advice gives some random advice
fortune give you some random fortune
quote gets a random quote or do !qod to the quote of the day
8ball (question) Get the 8ball to answer your question
define (word/s) you can define any word to find what it means definitions from urban dictionary
apod Astronomy Picture of the Day
apod random Gets a random apod
support Get the support server link

💰 Economy

Command Description
slot (amt) Earn even more with your credits
slot balance get your balance
slot daily Claim free credit daily
slot claim3 Claim every 3 hours for a reward

💵 Crypto

Command Description
crypto-convert (amount) (from) (to) Convert crypto currencies (multiple to values like "ltc,btc") (command short ccv)
crypto-graph (from) (to) Graph currencies against each other (multiple to values like "ltc,btc") (ccg for short)
crypto-exchange (currency) List exchanges for a currency ( cce for short )

📷 Images

Command Description
love (mention1) (mention2) love tester
= From Chewey bot API =
space gets a random space picture
cat gets a random cat picture
dog gets a random dog picture
birb gets a random birb picture
nature gets a random nature picture
fantasy-art gets a random fantasy-art picture
plane gets a random plane picture
otter gets a random otter picture
rabbit gets a random rabbit picture
snake gets a random snake picture
car gets a random car picture
turtle gets a random turtle picture
duck gets a random duck picture
panda gets a random panda picture
wolf gets a random wolf picture
fox gets a random fox picture

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