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Fast. Reliable. Automatic. Free to try. Most powerful bot to translate on Discord, 100+ languages, multi translations, reactions and more.

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Latest Update v.2.0 - 10 November 2020

  • Dashboard (https://translator.nvu.io/)

  • Permission controls

  • Customize output (author name, detected language, @mentions)

  • Linked channels: Transliteration support & Explicit language mode for better accuracy

  • Instant premium plan activation and transfers

  • Sharing of single premium plan with multiple Discord servers

  • Send translations to User DMs (flag reaction)

  • Use linked channels and same-channel translation at same time

  • Balance alerts (log channel, DMs, e-mails)

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avatar of StarBug1!
StarBug1! 22 days ago

The language barrier is not a barrier anymore! I lead an Alliance in an online game (Last Shelter Survivor) and the international team members used to struggle with the regular translation in the game and even google translation in discord was limited. It frustrated my members to have to translate line after line of text only to discover it was just a fart joke. Now that we have the Nuv.io translator bot on our Discord server the players can scan entire pages of messages in their own language and fire back witty comebacks to the fart jokes without missing a beat. There is no lag and the best bit is we can have a full discussion about team strategy in real-time, in multiple languages, with EVERY member having the same experience. It has done amazing things to bring our team closer together and totally removed any perceived favouritism to the English speakers. I can't recommend this bot enough.


avatar of Momo
Momo 24 days ago

Great bot, lots of functionality above and beyond other bots. I wish I could pay monthly just because my usage isn't super high, but I understand the thinking behind the payment method & the bot dev is very on top of things. Great support & ideas & easy to set up as well. Highly recommend.


avatar of Steven B.
Steven B. 21 days ago

We've been using this bot for a few years for game communication with players from all over the world. It works very well and we are able to seamlessly have conversations with several people all with different languages. The bot can be configured in a multitude of ways and is therefore very flexible. Strongly recommend it if you need to communicate with anyone who does not speak your language.


avatar of MasterMattšŸ†ā„¢
MasterMattšŸ†ā„¢ 20 days ago

We have a mixed community of players on our discord and this bot has been a huge help. It's had very few problems and those were fixed fast by the helpful and patient support team. Thank you.


avatar of andrius(m59)
andrius(m59) 20 days ago

Started to use this translator on our discord channels...works really well..translation is very acurrate.big list of languages as wel ll. highly recomended


avatar of caleb
caleb 12 days ago

Translator is the best translation Discord bot out there, having free trials, reaction translation, automatic translation, a brand-spanking-new dashboard, as well as utilizing the popular Google Translate API. This bot is the most accurate when it comes to translating text, while also keeping small details such as capitalization and even being able to read zalgo and other fonted texts. Having also worked with aziz, I can vouch that this bot is nothing short of stellar.


avatar of <JCLA>
<JCLA> 8 days ago

I have been using this translator for a few months now, we are very new at Discord. These guys have been amazing us getting everything setup and running as we need it within a few minutes. I highly recommend them. Thank you!


avatar of iWilly
iWilly 13 days ago

Love this, but Can't afford to pay for the premium plan :(


avatar of Killer Rogue
Killer Rogue 4 days ago

The bot is great. The translation is not accurate. But it at least helps to tell the person what I want to say. That's great for my work.