I am a powerfull multipurpose bot with a total of 120+ commands. I can do logging, verification, punishments, music and more :3

Melijn: Coded in java by me with ♥️ (and libraries)

I've worked on Melijn the past year to improve my skills and create something I desire of a bot.

Melijn is a multipurpose bot focused on solid features that people have asked for.
My main focus is on adding new moderation features because music is as good as finished
You can play from youtube, souncloud, streams, urls and spotify*
For moderation:

  • Punishments (bans, tempbans, softbans, kicks, mutes, tempmutes, warns)
  • Logs (music, punishments, deleted messages) -> can be spreaded over multiple channels
  • Filters -> (blacklist and whitelist for words)
  • Verification -> Block those bots with invite links as username (or something else) from spamming your server
For all other features you can use ctrl + f and search a command (if it isn't there you can always suggest it in the support server)

*spotify does not support playing audio streams so instead I use their api to get the title and search the song on soundcloud or youtube