Lawliet is a multi purpose bot for server management/moderation with a tactical "level system" game and many gimmicks

Created By: leonb21# 7220

Lawliet is a multi purpose bot for server management/moderation with a tactical "level system" game and many gimmicks.


The fishery is a system that replaces a regular level system and rewards server members for being active. Writing a message gives them fish, and they can sell fish for coins. Coins can be used to upgrade the fishing gear, thus increasing the fish income, or to buy specific roles. So it's basically a level system with a little bit of tactical thinking.


For several commands, the bot offers interactive menus where users can navigate by clicking on the reactions below the message in order to achieve a more user-friendly experience.


Some of the commands can be tracked in a channel. That means that the bot automatically posts new content as soon as it gets available. For example, you can track specific subreddits or the current anime news. (L.tracker add reddit r/subreddit)


Countless emotes & interactions like dab, awkward, yes, no, merkel, kill, punch, slap, baka, steal, throw, bully, notwork, everyone, bite, nom, poke, fish, tickle, wave, highfive, pat, reward, hug, cuddle, massage, lick, love, kiss, yaoikiss, yurikiss, marry


After you enable the developer mode in the discord settings, you can copy links leading to specific messages. When you send one of these links into a server channel, the bot automatically searches for the corresponding message and posts a quote.


Some of the commands this bot has to offer:

Command Description Get a navigable menu of all commands this bot has to offer
L.fishingsetup Set up the fishery and add the roles your members should be able to buy with coins (8 roles at max) The members are ranked according to their fish income of the last 7 days
L.spblock Protection against other server invite links (protection against self-promotion; server links to the own server are ignored)
L.reactionroles Create messages that give your members specific roles when they react with the corresponding emoji
L.autoroles Automatically gives new server members specific roles when they join the server casino A small collection of games where members can gamble with coins (Hangman, Black Jack, Slot Machine, Quiz and Anime Quiz)
L.survey Members can participate in small fun surveys where they have to answer a question by selecting one of two options. Their first vote indicates their own position and with the second vote they can guess which of the answers gets the most votes. If they answer correctly, they win additional coins (like the former "Everybody Votes Channel" of the wii)
L.tracker Add or remove a tracker to the current channel
L.welcome Setup welcome messages and change the background of the banner this bot posts for new members Create a poll where your members can vote for specific things by clicking on a reaction below the message
L.autochannel Setup one of the voice channels as an auto channel. If someone joins that specific vc, the bot automatically creates a new vc just for that user and deletes it again when everybody left

And many many more!

Supported languages: English (default) and German

If you have any questions, feel free to join the Lawliet Support server!