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Protection against spambots and alt accounts. Advanced user verification, Google Captcha and anti raid!


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Excellent checkpoint-like system for alt accounts and spambots, offering excellent protection for your server and it's members. Secure your server with AltDentifier and spend less time on moderating bad actors yourself. AltDentifier will automatically verify new members and protect your server, authenticating their third party connections with our unique verification system.

To start using AltDentifier, simply invite the bot and use our web setup to get started!

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avatar of Militia21
Militia21 2 months ago

A very useful bot for your server! Want no alts? Right. You have surely come to the correct place. Alt Identifier will protect your server from raids and pretty much any petty crime.


avatar of GP_Chrisdest
GP_Chrisdest 1 month ago

The bot is really helpful! It can prevent raids and also prevent bots from joining. Also you can check if a user uses alt account with its verification system. You should definitely add it!!!


avatar of anonimus
anonimus 1 month ago

altdentifier is a really good bot that has good features and prevents alts and server raiders, but it goes offline for long periods of time and very frequently which is really frustrating and that can be improved


avatar of pandaXalien
pandaXalien 1 month ago

been down for several days. please get it back up asap


avatar of CoolEmoji
CoolEmoji 1 month ago

One of the best verification bots but, it's currently offline...


avatar of ⛄ TheNewSkeppy ❄

Really good bot for Security! Just don't like it when it goes offline for several periods of time.


avatar of AdamBloxBurg
AdamBloxBurg 1 month ago

Its Nice Perfectly Safe From Hackers Spammers And Raids


avatar of Techno
Techno 3 days ago

This bot literally hacked all my accounts after verifying my damn account to a server. Probably the worst bot I've had since it's the only one that made me lose $10,000+. :(


avatar of Dr. Britain
Dr. Britain 11 days ago

"Our unique verification system" A very useless bot for any server! want no alts? Right. You should totally look elsewhere! Alt identifier will protect the server from anyone who doesn't have half a brain and 5 minutes on their hands. The bot stumped me once and that was because of a miss click, this bot is only good at keeping the child raiders out and that's about it...just keep verified phone or 3 step verification on your server that works wonders. and if that is not enough sometimes you don't even need to be stopped by it, as sometimes it will go offline...


avatar of SomeDayPayMicah
SomeDayPayMicah 1 month ago

< /svg> < /svg> < /svg> < /svg> < /svg> The bot is really helpful! It prevents an overflow of alts and does a decent job in preventing against alts sometimes. But it scares away people and let's just say a person doesn't have a YouTube or twitter and no mods or admin is online then they will be kicked when there not even an alt. Also, this bot goes offline far too much. And being in a discord server that's notorious for it's alts it's not ideal.Edit