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Tons of interesting topics, fun facts, and memes to kill boredom. If you want to revive your chat, Reviver is the right choice!


r/ (Customizable)
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Reviver V2.4.2

The bot now loads servers individually instead of all at once, this fixes instability and speed issues.


Do you want to revive your chat? Invite our professional and verified Discord bot, created especially for lively community servers.

This bot has:

  • Tons of topic commands to keep the chat alive. Reviver has 1000+ unique questions to initiate fun and long-lasting conversation in your server.
  • Looking to spark a laugh in your server? This bot has several meme commands taken from only the best sources (Basically, Reddit).
  • The fact command provides a random fact from our database of over a thousand facts. These include cute animal facts and pictures, too!
  • Useful utility commands to set server reminders, automatically give interesting facts and topics, and much more.
  • Unique and fun multiplayer & singleplayer game commands to kill boredom.
  • Well organized and detailed information commands on guilds and guild members.
  • Quick and efficient search commands where you can easily search a user by their name, nickname or tag.

Why Reviver?

  • Reviver is a very useful bot built to fit in any community! It encourages users to participate more in discussions, and helps raise the activity of the server quickly.
  • Reviver is a very safe bot. It has been well-tested to make sure there are no flaws that may affect your server.
  • Reviver is extremely user friendly, being easy to set up and easy to use.
  • Reviver is verified by Discord to be secure, authentic and useful.

The bot default prefix is r/. Do r/help to get started! Note: The bot prefix is customizable.


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