Tori-Bot 🐲


This bot is a bot based on the univers of Dragon Ball, you can fight, train, summon characters, search the Dragon Balls and more.

Created By: WoodyFollz# 7940

To start your adventure, you will need to do : &profile After that, you will be part of the adventure ! You will receive 5 000 Zeni, 5 Dragon Stone and equipments/items.


&profile (&p) Show your profile (separated on 4 sections : character, stats, equipments, badges)
&bag Show your bag (contain items)
&daily &Receive a reward everyday
&hourly (&hr) Receive a reward every hour
&search Go search the 7 Dragon Balls
&battle &Show you the boss list or fight a boss
&incubator (&in) Show informations on your incubator / you can sleep to restore your HP
&summon (&sm) Summon a character
&character (&ch) Show your main character / you can view stats of your other character / you can see all your characters
&shop Show you a list of object/equipment that you can buy or upgrade
&top (&leaderboard) Show you the players leaderboard by the rank
&box Show you a list of your box
&shenron Summon Shenron to grant a wish (You will need 7 Dragon Balls to summon it)
&train Train to increase your Power and your Attack Power
&rep Show your reputation point / give a reputation point with &rep @someone
&use Use an item
&open Open a box
&quest Show you your quest list
&wish Great a wish (need to summon Shenron before)