Fortnite bot stats ! Get users stats with discord commands.

FortniteStats Commands Prefix: !

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Created By: Raphii82# 4424

Fortnite bot stats ! Get users stats, leaderboards and compare players.

How to install:

  • Invite the bot to your Discord server
  • Create a textual channel named "fortnitestats"

Now you can test the Fortnite-Stat BOT:

Command Option Example Description
!fstats {pseudo} {pc/ps4/xb1} !fstats manu pc Get players stats of [pseudo] on platform [pc/ps4/xb1]
!ftop [pc/ps4/xb1] !ftop ps4 | !ftop Get leaderboards for a special platform or not.
!fbest {pseudo} {pseudo} {pc/ps4/xb1} !fstats AlexRamiGaming NetJ- ps4 The bot will tell you who is the best player !
!fhelp !fhelp Get documentation link.

More info in our website: https://fortnite-stat.com/discord

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