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Summoners War bot help you to rune your monsters ! And link your SWAFARM account to share your monsters.


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Best Summoners War bot compatible with SWAFARM.com ! Get monsters stats, early/late runes and player comments about monsters.

How to install:

  • Invite the bot to your Discord server here

Now you can test the Summoners War BOT:

Command Option Example Description
!sw {monster} !sw Feng Yan Get monsters stats, early runes and late runes.
!swcomment {monster} !swcomment Feng Yan Get best comments about this monster.
!swcomment {monster} {comment} !swcomment Feng Yan Amazing monster ! :) Let a comment about this monster
!swup {id comment} !swup 14 Upvote a comment.
!swsetprofile {profile_name} !swsetprofile Sheisou Set your SWARFARM.com profile name !
!swme {monster_name} !swme Chandra Get a monster from your monsters.
!swgetmonster {monster_name} {swafarm_profile_name} !swgetmonster Chandra Raphii82 Get a monster from an other player !
!swhelp or !help !swhelp Get help and the link of this page.

More info in our website: soon

If the bot doesn't respond it's because you didn't give to him the right permission. (Don't change permissions when you invite the Bot. Thank you !)

If you enjoy the bot, let us an upvote :)

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