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A global leveling/XP system that has cross guild support, Also has a global report system to track griefers




I aim to connect guilds together by having 1 simple XP/Report system

Key Features

  • level up system
  • Reporting system
  • Achievment system
  • No setup required (invite and your users are synced)
  • User profile
  • Basic server mod commands

Just invite me and you're good to go!

this bot gives you the ability to sync a global level-up system / global member reporting with other servers.

this bot also has some basic commands like kicking, banning, muting etc..

How do i earn XP? (message deleted)

This is a farely new bot, here are some of the features i am working on (coming soon)

  • API endpoint for developers
  • More ways to earn XP for example (message deleted)
  • Figure out a way to explain "How to earn XP " without my message getting deleted..

**Server Admins needed**

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